Tournament Improv Notes


Each team is allowed to refer to notes during the 1 minute prep time for our 3 Improv skits.  Although we have only 1 minute to rough out our sketch, these should help us to focus on the key elements of the major theme (Improv Game) Improv element.

These are based upon the brainstorms we came up with this season to characterize the major characters that each possible theme introduces.  They will only be useful if you review them in advance, know exactly what they mean and can quickly refer to them to flesh out your skit.  There will be no time during the 60 seconds prep time to figure anything out – just flesh them out.  Ideally:

15 sec to identify every skit character:  Name, personality, voice, body language, mime style, goal

15 sec to identify basic narrative:  setting, main conflict, and resolution

15 sec to coordinate stage direction and speaking order (don’t step on each others line)

15 sec used as needed



One player is the host of an awards-style presentation/show. The rest of the players are
recipients of various awards and must give acceptance speeches.

Roles:  Announcer, Winner #1, Co-Winners #2 & #3, Winner #4


Announcer:  flattering, sticky sweet voice, build suspense, bad joke/pun
Winners: over emotional, hugs, kisses, etc to everyone around
Winner Speech:  Honor, false humility/ego, thank everyone and special thanks



One player must select a date. Other players are designated as suitors. The suitors each have
unique characteristics that are not initially revealed to the audience. The dating contestant must ask the
suitors questions to reveal these characteristics in a creative way.

Roles:  Host, Date,  Suitor #1,  Suitor #2,  Suitor #3 & #4


Host:  funny name and fake sing-song voice
Intro:  crowd repeats game show name and quick explaination of how game works
Suitors:  each give Brief Bio
Date:  Silly and funny questions, have #1 turn to #2 and pretend to be me
Host: announces wonderful trip, prize, etc then winner (Date tells why)



One or more of the players are selling a product or activity, and the other players must act out
scenarios or ways that the product or activity can be used.

Roles:  Seller #1,  Seller #2,  Customer #1, Customer #2, Customer #3


Product:  funny name that solves questionable problem and goofy jingle
Seller #1:  Loud Voice – the smart one who teaches – over the top demonstrations
Seller #2:  Asks dumb questions – and over the top flattery
Customers:  Always impressed and gushing
Sales Pitch:  Low Price, Freebies, Urgency, Fast talking disclaimers/warnings



Players act as characters on a television newscast (such as head anchor, weather forecaster, sports
reporter, etc.).

Roles:  Studio Anchor #1, Studio Anchor #2, Field Reporter #1,  Witness #1,  Witness #2


Studio Anchors:  breaking news and questions to Field Reporter
Field Reporter:  answers Anchors and questions witnesses
Witnesses:  Clueless, over the top, distracted, off topic, etc.



One player is the host of a quiz or game show. The remaining players take on roles
related to the show (such as contestants, assistants to the host, etc.).

Roles:  Host, Assistant, Contestant #1, Contestant #2, Contestant #3


Host:  Funny name, sing-song voice, catch phrase, quick description of game
Assistant:  human decoration and gift caresses
Contestants:  Personal Bio, over emotional



Players enter a scene one at a time, each with his or her own unusual “superhero” (or “supervillain”)

Roles:  Superhero, Sidekick, Villain, Henchman, Victim #1, Witness #1


Superheros:  weird name, distinctive voice, superpower, origin story, extreme personality
Sidekick:  much lesser superhero
Villain:  weird name, distinctive voice,  not so superpower, origin story, quirk, GOAL
Henchman:  even lessor villain
Victim/Witness:  pick a funny character and get into that character


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