Saturday Tournament Details


This Saturday is our Destination Imagination Tournament at Reynoldsburg High School Summit Campus.  Here are the details for the day:  You can read more details at the Central Ohio Region 4 Tournament Website (click on the vertical menu along the left side of the webpage).

Location:  Reynoldsburgh HS Summit Campus, 8579 Summit Road, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Time:  8:30 A.M. (Both teams should arrive by 8:30 A.M. at the latest to register teams for the day and put on our team t-shirts (I’ll bring them to make sure no one forgets like last year).  We’ll then be ready to register again upstairs for our first event at 8:40 A.M. – the required 20min before our first performance at 9 A.M.

Parking:  $3 per car to park on school grounds for the entire day (to raise funds for the school)

Meetup:  We’ll meetup in the High School Main Lobby at 8:30 A.M. where all team registrations take place.  If anyone runs into problems, please call me on my cell at 415.531.4500 Jon Chun


Central Challenge (CC) time: 10:20 AM – Central Challenges are open to the public
Instant Challenge (IC) time 9:00 AM – Instant Challenges are closed to the public
Room C-128 Band Room
Team 135-16986
Central Challenge (CC) time: 12:20 PM
Instant Challenge (IC) time: 1:40 PM
Room C-128 Band Room
Team 135-17534
Food concessions will be available in the Commons Area and a Destination Imagination souvenir stand will be selling all types of merchandise.
You are welcome to bring your own food as well.
There will be a lot of downtime during the day.  We’ll try to use what time we have have to prepare for the next upcoming skits/instant challenges.  The morning team will finish early, and may want to wander around and sit in to watch other teams compete in Improv or other Central Challenges.
In years past, we would usually bring board or card games as well as food to fill in breaks.  If the schedule permits, some have even grabbed lunch off-site nearby.  We’ll finish well before the award ceremony at 6:15 so we may want to go offsite for an early dinner (depending on the parking situation).

Award Ceremony:  6:15 PM (probably 45-60mins)

If one of our teams places first in our competition level (1st among the 30 teams in the Improv Challenge), we may get an invitation to the state competition at Mt. Vernon Middle School and High School on April 11th.  Since Improv is unpredictable anything can happen.  The kids should really focus on having fun and doing their best.

If you kids have time between our last practice after school on Thursday and the tournament on Friday, they can review the YouTube videos and posts on our website:

Most of all, the kids should have fun.  If you have a funny hat or glasses or necklaces – by all means bring them.  The main thing is to relax, have fun and help the kids do their best.



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