Role Assignments for our Chosen Improv Elements

In order to better prepare for our Tournament, we’re going to assign specific roles to team members who can specialize their training in the remaining 1.5 weeks before our big performance.  Since we only know 2 of the 4 improv elements in advance, we can only prepare for the 6 of each type we selected.  But with this information, we can at least have a rough draft of our stock characters that we can flesh out based upon the other 2 unknown improv elements we get at the tournament.

First, for our street performances, we need to have at least one person who will be our go to person if each type is selected.

This week we tried to reduce our work load by assigning specific roles to specific team members to reduce the amount of practice/videos we each need to study to play our part.  There is some flexibility here, (for example, we may only need one caroler in a game show skit (or all three bachelors could sing) or we could have only 1 person who is a superhero with the power of mime).  There should be videos on our website to hone each of the assigned skills.


SuperHero:  Weston, Dash

Sidekick:  Devin, Emily

SuperVillian:  Trey, Miah

Henchman:  Jon, Sabina

Victims:  Beckett, Mateo, Felix


Spokesperson #1:  Trey, Dash

Spokesperson #2: Weston, Miah

Testimonials:  Jon, Devin, Beckett, Emily, Sabina, Felix, Mateo

Game/Quiz Show————–

Host:  Trey, Dash

Vanna White:  Weston, Emily

Contestants:  Beckett, Jon, Devon, Felix, Sabina, Mateo, Miah


Studio Anchor #1:  Beckett, Mateo

Studio Anchor #2:  Trey, Dash

Field Reporter:  Weston, Miah

Witnesses/Subjects:  Jon, Devon, Felix, Sabina, Emily, Dash

Award Show————–

Presenter:  Trey, Emily

Winner:  Jon, Miah

Losers:  Weston, Beckett, Dash, Felix, Sabina, Mateo

Dating Game————–

Host:  Beckett, Emily

Bachelorette:  Trey, Sabina

Eligible Bachelors:  Jon, Devin, Weston, Felix, Mateo, Miah, Dash


Beckett, Jon, Weston

Emily, Sabina, Felix

Escape Artistry————–

Escapee:  Trey, Dash

Beautiful Assistant:  Weston, Emily

Dance Battle————–

Jon, Devin

Dash, Felix

Flash Mob————–

Beckett, Weston, Jon

Felix, Dash, Sabina


Jon, Devin

Mateo, Felix


Weston, Trey

Mateo, Miah


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