Improv Games – Last Minute Adjustments

We’ve changed tack in our last meeting regarding our Improv Game selections.  We decided to replace our more pure Improv options with a more set type option for our Improv Games element.

That means that we’ll replace dubbing, freeze tag and sound effects with newscast, dating game and awards show.  These will be added to the three other Improv Game elements we’ve studied already: Superheros, Infomercial and Quiz/Gameshow.  Here are some relatively sanitized videos that introduce these 3 new genres.


Award Show


* Award Announcer

* List all nominees and the work they were nominated for

* Suspense in opening envelope with winner

* Focus on winner with hugs, kisses, etc to everyone around

* Winner Speech

– What an Honor, what it means to me, humility/ego

– Acknowledge other great nominees

– Special thank you to Director, Wife, etc

– Long list of thank you to “little people”




* 2 Anchorpeople in studio chatting and interrupted

* Breaking news in the field covered by Reporter on the Spot

* Anchorpeople ask Field Reporter questions

– What are we seeing here?

– How did it start?

– How do the different people/parties feel about events?

– Are you scared to be in the middle of that?

– How do you think this will end?


Dating Game

Movie Trailer


This coming week we’ll analyze the 3 new Improv Game elements, breaking them down to identify primary characteristics for each that we can incorporate into our sketch at the Tournament next month.




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