Improve Games: Improv Exercises


We need to pick 6 options from the Improv Games list provided.  We already studied three types and here are some professional improv skits that follow these three themes.  Beware, it took awhile to find kid-friendly skits.



* Product

– Funny name

– Multiple uses

– What would you expect to pay

* Host

– Silly demos

– Build up

– Call to action

* Customers

– Clueless

– Variety of dumb situations

Game/Quiz Shows


* Cheezy Host with cheezy name

– Smooth

– Intro each contestant

– Bad puns

– Devices (spin wheel, pick door, roll dice, etc)

* Contestants

– Diverse

– Over the top emotional

– Diverse

– Risk all for more or sit



For our last three Improv Games, let’s pick some more pure Improv exercises for fun.  Here are the best options for us to choose among based upon our practices so far:


* Superhero

– Sidekick

– Superpower and backstory how s/he got it

– Coolness, hipness, deep voice

– Silly Costume (underwear outside, cape, big boots, etc)

– Tagline / Jingle

* Supervillian

– Usually deformed mentally, physically, etc.

– Superpower and backstory (revenge, money, world conquest, etc)

– Henchman

– Evil lair

– Monologue and tells whole plan just before being defeated


Dubbing ( replaced by Newscast )


Freeze Tag ( replaced by Dating Game )


Sound Effects ( replaced by Award Show )


Story Telling, One Word at a Time ( Simple Improv exercise, not for Tournament )


BTW, here are other good Improv exercises we should try out if we have the time:

– Quick Change ( Simple Improv exercise )

– 2 Line Vocabulary Story ( Simple Improv exercise )





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