Improve Games: Superheros and Supervillians Characteristics

Today we looked at a number of YouTube Videos (some I had to edit) in order to pick out some characteristics and traits of superheros and supervillians for use in our improv skit.



Funny name (Captain Amazing, Mr. Incredible)

Origin Story (radioactive accident, powers from another planet, genetic mutation)

Super Ego

Mentor / wiseman

Secret government agency

Superpowers (or not so super powers like getting very angry or throwing forks)

Low and dramatic voice

Power stance and cheezy grin



Funny name (Dr. Evil, Minions)

German or exotic accent

Defining trait (strong, smart, crazy)

Back story and motivation (childhood trauma)

Goal (One Million Dollars, End of Humanity, Ruler of Earth)

Physical defect reflects damaged soul (scar, limp, withered hand, etc)

Distinctive voice (high cackle, low threatening mumble, British gent, etc)

Long Monologue (telling motive, goal and giving away plan)


Here are some source videos we looked at and others:



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