Wiggins Street Destination Imagination T-Shirt Submission

So far, we have only one T-Shirt Design submission.  Fortunately, it’s very good and uses some of the traits of a name we want:  (1) Catchy Alliteration, (2) Emphasize Creativity/Improv and (3) Funny Contrast between words.  The only modification I would suggest is that we have add something relating to Gambier or Wiggins Street to our tag line or back of T-Shirt with everyone’s name.



( Front of T-Shirt )


Everyone’s Name on Back in Two Column (Varsity and Jr. Varsity Teams) beneath the centered title:

Wiggins Street Elementary

Varsity Team

Devin Beckett

Beckett Pechon-Elkins

Westin Porter

Jon Stebbins

Trey Stetler

Jr. Varsity Team

Felix Brooks-Quijada

Sabina Hawks

Dash Lepley

Mateo Pechon-Elkins

Miah Rodríguez-Hedeen

Emily Springer

2014-2015 Destination Imagination


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