Regional Tournament on Saturday, March 14th


We will be competing in the Region 4 Destination Imagination Tournament at Reynoldsburg Summit Campus High School on Saturday, March 14th.  This is the only information I have at this point but there are a few more facts that I can share based upon our experiences in previous years:

* It’s a spacious and modern venue about 1 hour from Gambier

* Be careful of mapping websites, easy to take a wrong turn on back roads

* we’ll need to design and print team Tee’s for about $13/per

* It will be an all-day affair from early in the morning until about 5:30pm or so

* Food is usually sold but bring plenty of snacks and drinks

* There will be plenty of downtime, so bring games or other social/team building distractions (eg not books)

* Big advantage of the Improv Challenge this year, no props, makeup, costumes, scenery, etc.  in fact, we are prohibited from even wearing anything that could add to the performance.

More details to follow…


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