The Skinny on the Improv Central Challenge


I just received our 2014 Destination Imagination Handbook and read the details on this year’s Improv Challenge.

The kids are expected to create 3 two-minute improv sketches.  Before each sketch, the team is presented with 4 Improv elements to and given one minute to work as a team to incorporate all four into a 2 minute sketch.  Each of the 3 sketches will have a different set of 4 improv elements.

Two of the 4 improv elements will be randomly given to our team and we’ll have no idea what they will be.  These two elements are (1) The Situation (conflict/crises) and (2) The Setting.  Examples of the Situation given are “There is a shortage of marshmallows”, “You are trying to decide where to have lunch” and “A team member has a pet kangaroo”.  Examples of the Setting given are “an ant hill” or “in a rowboat”.

The other two of the 4 improv elements will be selected from a larger set that the team will prepare for:  (1) The Improv Game (or Style) and (2) The Street Performance.  For elementary school level teams we’ll need to pick 6 of the 18 Improv Game listed below to research and practice. From the 6 Improv Game types we pick to study, 3 will be randomly selected on the day of the tournament to be incorporated into our skits.


Our team will also need to pick 6 types of Street Performances listed in the chart below, one from each of the five columns and then one more from any column.  Similarly, on the day of the tournament, 3 of the 6 Street Performances we study will be randomly picked to be incorporated into each of our 3 skits.


Our 3 two-minute sketches will be worth 80 points each.  The teamwork exhibited during the 3 one-minute preparation times will be worth a total of 60 points.  The 80 points per sketch are broken down into 5 criteria below:



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