Kenyon Review Workshop and DI Early Release @ 4:15pm


There is a great opportunity starting this week for our kids to learn how to improve their writing skills.  The Kenyon Review is offering a Poetry Workshop at Paragraphs Bookstore in Mt. Vernon from 4:30-5:30 at Paragraphs Bookstore in Mt. Vernon starting this Thursday, October 23rd:

* Elementary workshops begin on Thursday, October 23rd from 4:30-5:30pm and run weekly until December 11th.
* Workshops will be held at Paragraphs Bookstore and will be led by Kenyon Review Associates and Interns.
* Workshop is FREE, but enrollment is limited.  Register today!
* Late registration is permitted.

Call or email Paragraphs Bookstore to register:
Paragraphs Bookstore
229 South Main Street
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

The Kenyon Review is a nationally recognized center of excellence for writing and a great resource for our kids to learn from.  Whatever insights and skills they can learn from the program would be valuable for not only DI but their lives in general.  I’m hoping this Kenyon workshop will give our kids a great insight into creativity, thinking/writing and expression that the Kenyon Review is uniquely qualified to provide.

I apologize for the late notice, but this just came across my desk over the weekend.  I initially thought we couldn’t accommodate several DI parents who expressed deep interest in this workshop, but I realized that by trimming our class 15mins early for the next 8 weeks all our kids could participate in both programs.

In years prior, we typically lost 15-20mins with snack and settling down to work but Ms. Waugh is helping me cut this down.  In addition, after the Kenyon Workshop is over, we’ll still have 3 more months of full hour practice before our mid-March DI tournament.

For parents that have difficulty picking their kids up early from DI at 4:15 and/or want to have them participate in the Kenyon Review Workshop, I have room in our minivan for a few kids it you could pick them up at Paragraph’s at 5:30.  If you have any doubt, please register ASAP to ensure space in the Kenyon Workshop and try it out.

So for the next 8 weeks starting this Thursday until Dec 11th, our DI sessions will end 15mins early (3:30-4:15).  Please arrive on time for pickup, so we can make it to Paragraphs in time for the start of the Workshop.


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