Welcome New and Old DI’ers to the 2014-15 Season!



This is my 5th year of Destination Imagination (DI) @ Wiggins Street Elementary, and I’ll be heading up 2 DI competitive teams at Wiggins Street:

(1) The 5th Grade Salty Dogs:  Beckett Pechon-Elkins, Devon Beckett, Jon Stebbins, Trey Stetler, Westin Porter

(2) The 3rd/4th Grade Junior Varsities:  Mateo Pechon-Elkins, Dash Lepley, Sabina Hawks, Felix Quijada-Brooks, Miah Hadeen-Rodriguez, Emily Springer

Both teams will meet weekly at the same bat time and bat place:  Thursdays 3:30-4:30 in Ms. Waugh’s 2nd grade classroom on the top floor.

Our DI budget was approved this past week, the order for our DI kits should be processing and I should have the team materials by Thursday, October 16th – our kickoff meeting.

If you’re not familiar with Destination Imagination, you can read all about it at:






Every Destination Imagination team requires:

(1) Funding:  Thanks to the Parents of Wiggins Street

(2) Teacher Adviser:  Big Shout Out to Heather Waugh

(3) All-day Volunteer Judges on Tournament Day:  Mad Props to Pamela Faust & Heather Waugh

(4) Administrative Support:  Respect Lynn Riggenbach, Don Garvic and Holly Trask

(5) Parents:  You know who you are

jay gatsby






barney fife_edited

I have a few rules and requirements for participation in Destination Imagination this year based upon what makes a great team that learns a lot, has fun and can be competitive:

1) COST:  contribute approximately $15 for a team T-Shirt (or whatever the final costs come out to).  Does anyone know where we can get a decent price on low runs of T shirts?

2) PARTICIPATION:  Everyone must agree to participate which means getting up on stage and acting.  Last year at the State Tournament the judges asked us why half our team wasn’t on stage and we were no doubt seriously dinged for this.  Besides, performance is pretty much one of the core skill and fun everyone should get out of DI.

3) ORDER:  I’ll be teaching 2 teams at the same time, so I need cooperation to keep order and use our time effectively.  We can have fun, but everyone must agree to prevent us from getting off point.   Disruptions and and distractions cannot be tolerated or it will be chaos.

4) TEAMWORK:  Teamwork is a big part of the judging and life skills the kids should get out of this.  This means everyone has a role and stays within those responsibilities, is respectful and encouraging of fellow team members and shows enthusiasm and effort to work in close collaboration for common purpose.  This is something that kids generally don’t learn outside of team sports, so it will be important that everyone buys into the concept as we work to build these skill.

5) PARENT PICK-UP:  Please be on time to pick up your child.  Wiggins Street staff and/or I have to stay until you do, and you don’t want to make Ms. Waugh angry.  You wouldn’t like Ms. Waugh when she’s angry.

6) THE GOOD STUFF:  Be creative, brainstorm in real time, be mentally flexible, think fast on your feet, make funny and insightful free associations, show confidence, be expressive, learn a lot, be a core part of a well oiled machine, and have lot-o-fun.




Altavista via the InterTubes gave me a 2 sentence description of this years Improv Challenge.

“Create three independent improvisational sketches. – Research and incorporate improvisational games and street performances. – Practice integrating randomly selected situations and settings.”

In our orientation meeting last month I asked all the kids (and some parents since) to think of what talents/interests the kids have that could lead them to develop or be part of a Street Performance act.

Dont’ know what qualifies as a Street Performance?  Check out the wikipedia article that lists many types.  You can also search YouTube for “Street Performance” or “Got Talent”, but be careful as many can be age inappropriate for the wee ones.


For example, Beckett and Mateo play sting instruments and have learned some Fiddling-based tunes.  We’ve been looking at jug bands (poor man’s jazz) as one of our potential acts that involve a number of our team members, would be unique and which we could execute well upon as a team.

Beckett has been honing his balloon twisting skills, but we’re not sure he’ll master the unicycle by our early March Tournament.  Everyone should come with some ideas of Street Performance-related talents or interests they think they can master by March and that could be incorporated into a team effort.





Finally, I need to have the kids come to the first meeting with ideas on our team names and logos for our T-Shirt.  We’ll have to register our team name and members soon, so I’d like to get this out of the way.

I suggest our team name should have the world “Gambier” and/or “Wiggins Street Elementary” and then any pun, rhyme, or other humorous spoof off of “Street Performance”, “The Hunger Games” (this year’s theme), “Destination” and/or “Imagination”, “Teamwork”, “Creative”, etc.  Just some advice – the kids drive the content.

Here is a 100% fool-proof, guaranteed method to find a perfect team name everyone will agree upon:



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